Secure Holiday Cheer

It appears our brothers and sisters at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) are in the holiday spirit. Check out the invitation that went out for an upcoming holiday gala. Because former and retired DoD personnel run things at DHS and because we don’t see much of a difference between Homeland Security and Homeland Defense and cannot figure out why a new agency was created, and because DHS functions should have been turned over to NORTHCOM because they are NORTHCOM’s mission anyway, this invitation is both headquarters- and defense-related.

Is it any coincidence that Santa’s chapeau is a World War II M-1 helmet? Combat Santa. Santa in the Defense. Secure Santa.

This is one of those “picture equals a thousand words” moments. This classic, World-War II//McCarthy-era/Cold War-esque rendering of Secret Santa says so much on so many levels. Where does one begin? More importantly, we’re impressed that it is so fringe element right at DHS and right here in Washington, D.C.

DHS, you renegades!

We are concerned that if the wrong people saw this they might get a negative impression of DHS. We know that’s difficult to imagine. They might think this rendering inappropriate in today’s hypersensitive, hypervigilant climate. We’d never want this to get out. So let’s keep DHS’s secret.

“Report your friends and family!” Now that’s the holiday spirit we like to see!

“We don’t have to tell you why!” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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