A Farewell

The position of Director of Operations has been vacated and will remain open indefinitely. On Jan. 1 (yeah, Happy New Year), our beloved top dog slipped away in his sleep, leaving a void that no posting on Monster.com or rescue agency can fill.

Phantom came to Inside the Headquarters when his owner, a vet, (the animal-saving kind) moved to Germany with her active duty husband (the military kind). The family was afraid the trip would be too much for him. Fair enough, though his failing heart went undisclosed on his application to join our team of talented misfits and became apparent shortly thereafter. Despite his failing health, Phantom quickly won us over and boosted morale with his laid back approach to deadline management. Each day he inspired us with his charm and understated attitude toward to his condition, eating heartily in the break room and chomping down his litany of meds like treats.

Phantom shared his office with our lead writer. He would lie in front of her desk day after day and night after night as she cranked out copy. She’d read him a draft, and he’d sigh with approval or groan with disdain, though he normally just sighed with approval. (We think he had a thing for her.)

As his heart weakened in recent weeks, he chose to remain in his office. And that is where he slipped away from the team that had come to love and depend on him. The void he leaves is too great, and replacement would not be possible. His deputy, Daisy, will add some of his duties to her penchant for harassing the suits at MOAA.

Phantom, until we meet again, Handsome Man. All dogs do in fact go to heaven, and it might only exist for the canines of this world. Regardless, put in a kind word with the Big Guy for those of us left behind.

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