Blurtha, “Send your huddled masses to my district … “

“… And check out my new, really expensive Super Max facility.”

Democratic Pennsylvania lawmaker John Murtha has “suggested” sending the remaining detainees at Guantanamo Bay (GITMO), Cuba, to his home district. 

Many in his hometown seem to have different thoughts on Johnstown as the new home of some potentially dangerous bad guys.

Blurtha, always good for his outrageous antics every few months, blurted the offer to FOX News: “They’re [the detainees] no more dangerous in my district than in Guantanamo,” adding that he saw “no reason not to put ’em in prisons in the U.S. and handle them the way they would handle any other prisoners.”    

Native Pennsylvanians with whom we spoke rolled their eyes, “Murtha,” they said. The implication, “Here we go again.”

Editors at the Altoona Mirror do not want these bad boys of Islam in their back yard. When comparing them to the current crop of felons in their prison, editors wrote, “Even most murderers in our prisons aren’t that deranged. … Want to sit next to one at a Johnstown Chiefs game?” They are concerned with figures that say 11 percent of 600 or so detainees released are believed to have re-upped (or just upped) with terrorist organizations.

The paper continued, “Of course, Murtha easily can advocate bringing the detainees into the U.S. given that he doesn’t really have to worry about them coming to his district because there is no facility to handle them locally. [Clearly they underestimate him.] But even if there were, we believe such casual pooh-poohing by a congressional leader of the danger these detainees pose poorly serves the nation and his constituents,” editors wrote.  

His district could get just the right facility, and contractors are not writing off this most recent Blurtha rant. This Prince of Pork could bring home the bacon to an economically struggling district as he normally does, earmarking bucks to build the necessary facilities to house the GITMO grads. Whether the detainees ever show is not a part of his equation. Let’s just call it the Blurtha economic stimulus package. The retired Marine and head of the powerful House appropriations subcommittee on defense (cha-ching!) seems to be a free-range Robin Hood in that area, as underscored by the two defense firms recently raided by the feds that reportedly have received millions from the Man himself

This is yet another act in Blurtha’s Theater of the Absurd.

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