Buck Sloane Revealed

Buck Sloane, whose saga has graced our cyber parchment, is approaching yet another milestone:


Marine Maj. Gen. Doug Stone, (or shall we call him former lieutenant general-select, since he gained Senate approval to head Marine Forces Reserve), has packed his bags and headed West.

Stone who has been a media darling for his straightforward style and honest responses to tough questions about detainee operations, has spent quite a bit of time on active duty for a reserve general. He is a man of independent means, a result of his talent and hard work leading several Silicon Valley companies to super stardom. But his love for the Corps and eagerness to serve never wavered. He headed the Marine training base at 29 Palms, Calif., where he overhauled the curriculum making it more reflective of current operations. He has also been dispatched to U.S. love partner Pakistan. Aside from being Clark Kent, he holds a PhD and is an expert, for lack of more informed terms, in the study of Islam and Muslim culture.

So how the Corps let this guy go is curious.

One of his most covered feats was taking Iraq’s notorious Bucca prison camp and turning it into a model facility. His work with detainees and use of the Koran won him a regular spot on a number of freakish Web sites.

He received Senate approval for his third star and was scheduled to take command of Marine Forces Reserve (a snoozer job in our opinion) during September 2008. Hurricane Gustav postponed the event. Shortly thereafter, the DoD inspector general launched an investigation involving Stone, postponing the MARFORRES hand-off— indefinitely. As the investigation dragged on, Stone languished in DC, picking up odd GO jobs. He had an office, a small staff and quarters at the Navy Yard. (He was just short the ankle bracelet.)

During this time, Stone kept busy speaking on Islam and Muslim culture. When the topic of detainees resurfaced, he was called to the White House. He went to Afghanistan to assess the detainee situation.

Once he was green lighted from the IG debacle, we’ve been told that Afghanistan top dog General Stanley McChrystal and CENTCOM’s chief Army Gen. “King David” Petraeus asked Stone to run detainee ops in Afghanistan, but as a major general. He said he’d do it, but as the three-star for which he had been confirmed (albeit for the MARFORREES position only). Stone declined the two-star post. But there was still the MARFORRES command. Uh, apparently not. We’re told Stone said, “I’m done,” packed his stuff and vacated the Navy Yard in two weeks. Our guess is there is more to that part of the story, and we bet it’s good.

What does this mean on the larger stage? Probably nothing. Detainee ops will go on as will Marine Forces Reserve. Others will move into these positions. Stone has resumed life in California, though maybe a tad frustrated.

Marine Lt. Gen. John F. Kelly, an active-duty officer, took to command of MARRFORES Oct. 17.

We hope this is not the last we hear of Buck Sloane.

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