Corps White letter – Leadership (Dis)Engagement?

We’ve been told the Marine Corps’ three-star Mafia has been looking over a letter from Commandant James T. “Not in my Corps” Conway. It is what they call a White Letter. Few are issued. They are reserved for matters of top import to the Boys’ Gun Club.

It seems this letter about leadership deficiencies targets junior officers, staff non-commissioned officers as well as sergeants and corporals. Our source insists the letter is well-meaning, but the message is heavy, even accusatory, looking to lay blame: “Hey small-unit leaders, you are disengaged from your Marines. Fix it.” We’re told included with the letter is a leadership engagement campaign plan is to help “fix” the problem, if there is a problem, as Conway may see it. (But will the boxed set be available on Amazon?)

Of particular concern are harmful personnel issues including the increase in suicides. January alone witnessed roughly 20 Marines who took Plan B.

It is always to CMC’s credit that he solicits a sanity check. But it is interesting the Marine Corps would shotgun what seems to be a delicate and crucial issue. We hear there are grumblings from the second tier: We’re told the reaction in this three-star sweep has been negative and one of strong concern.

Counterpoint: It has been noted these same, targeted small-unit leaders may have some post traumatic stress disorder adding to their load. If accurate, their PTSD and possible guilt from the war may cause them to isolate themselves from their units, this according to one retired Marine who led a unit in Afghanistan. This adds to an already complex situation. Such a scenario may suggest a different approach from the “Holly Graf Guide to Leadership and Morale” strategy the Marine Corps is considering.

Conway has been slugging it out in Washington three years now. It’s a tough route, and we would not want his job. Could it be Conway who has become disengaged?

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