Deal or No Deal: Driver Boy Part Deux

“From the halls of military justice to the shores of Guantanamo Bay, we will fight Driver Boy’s battles … at GITMO, on CNN, or in D.C. …” 

Continuing from yesterday’s entry, like all good defense attorneys, the boys and girls representing Salim Ahmed Hamdan are on a mission. Justice? Fame? Monetary cahe? We will assume their quest for justice drives them and the circus-like antics are unintentional. In the past several months, the former chief prosecutor for Military Commissions, has been on the op-ed writing, lip-flapping circuit railing against his former bosses. Air Force Col. Morris “Moe” Davis quit in a huff over how the politicos were inappropriately pushing their agendas (or so he says). Early on, his writings were clear in their conviction and sound legal basis, but now he strikes more of a pathetic figure. 

Davis is but a red herring and a witness whose impact peaked some time ago. He is of little use to Hamdan’s defense. Our guess is after years of dogged defense, the Hamdan team might have evidence that could put Driver o’ bin Laden in a more sympathetic light. They have been granted access to several high-value detainees and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (“KSM” to his friends) of Sept. 11 infamy reportedly has agreed to assist in the case. Interesting. Why the prosecution will not deal on Driver Boy makes little sense, other than for some political end (inadequately served by this guppy). Sure he was bin Laden’s driver, but our guess is he might not have been an al-Qaida zealot, as he and his legal team maintain. Sure, he’s probably guilty of something, but he is lamb-slaughter material when compared to the high-value types on whom precious U.S. assets might be better spent. Hamden might be seen as an easy mark, but it is reasonable to discern from the puzzle pieces strewn about that the defense may have a metaphorical bomb to drop if this ever gets to trial. 

Deal or No Deal? Our guess is the prosecution will have to deal this one or risk facing testimony that might undermine the commission process further.

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