DHS Reality TV: Low-Voltage Carp Barriers?

After reading blog-o-pinions about the Jan. 6 debut of ABC’s “Department of Homeland Security USA” reality series, we have been gathering additional episode ideas, just in case ABC has been reading our blog and seeks our advice. Two items are sure to be hits with viewers.

As reported by The Detroit News on Dec. 18, “A former U.S. Coast Guard petty officer pleaded guilty to extortion in federal court in Ann Arbor. Benjamin H. Bostic, 36, admitted to taking more than $30,000 from the family of an illegal alien seeking to avoid deportation.”

This story has everything DHS, ABC, and the reality show junkies who would watch the series could want. It has the hardworking, underrated Coast Guard. (Why not take a few extra dollars? Surely this guy earned it.) It has immigration issues—a feel-good story regardless of where one stands on this issue. Deportation? It just sends chills. Since Coastie Boy had been arrested and investigated we have lots of COPS, a crucial aspect with the target audience. One added bonus: America gets to see how versatile and profitable Coast Guard training can be. (There could be a spin-off show about Defense Contracting.)

Another item that will keep viewers riveted is the Coast Guard’s employment of the “low-voltage carp barrier.” The program’s goal is to keep Asian Bad Boy Monster Carp out of the Great Lakes. It does not get any more real than this. No, the carp barrier is not being used on people, though such concerns have delayed its deployment. Aside from unease over zapping humans, there is a dispute over the voltage that should be used. The Coasties prefer reduced juice, a fraction of what the scientists say will be effective. Zapping fish (and maybe the occasional recreational boater) for the greater good? It’s what the “USA” in the show’s title is all about.

We first reported the show Dec. 12. Our blog brethren have shared their thoughts about “Department of Homeland Security USA”:

I fully expect the show to be a shill for the feds.

Really I do think some investigation into the origin, selection, promotion and funding of this program is necessary. It would not be the first time the present junta has used tax dollars for internal propaganda.

The executive producers expect the show to be a ratings hit, as they attempt to court the coveted 18-34 al-Qaida demographic.

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