Does a Former Drill Sergeant Make a Terrible Therapist?

Does a former drill sergeant really make a terrible therapist? Whether you are in therapy or out, R. Lee Ermey as a touch therapist with nothing but disdain for his patient just doesn’t get old. Most of you have probably seen this. I find it brilliant. Ermey and his director are masters of their art.

Ermey, who is a former drill instructor and spent 11 years in the Corps, has enjoyed acting success. He has appeared in nearly 60 films including The Boys in Company “C,” Apocalypse Now, and of course Full Metal Jacket, where his drill instructor portrayal is not unlike the one we see for Geico. Ermey was medically retired as a staff sergeant in 1972, but “attained” the honorary rank of gunnery sergeant in 2002 by the pen of then-Commandant of the Marine Corps Jim Jones for his work on behalf of the Marine Corps.

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