Dressed to Thrill

Boys in black T-shirts, bandanas, and leather.
Pressed jeans and vests to withstand stormy weather
Thus is our dress code for presidential flings
These are a few of our favorite things.

They come as do they each year, decked out in the requisite uniform of jeans, T-shirts, vests weighed down by countless pins, $200-plus helmets cluttered with nonsensical stickers. They claim to honor the fallen while riding their motorcycles, whether it’s a Fat Boy or Fat Bob ridden by one or two chubby Roberts in the crowd.Dressed to ride? Sure and maybe even to meet the president of motorcycle big-wheel Harley-Davidson

. But why not drop the Drama HOG act when meeting with the president of the U.S.?

Somehow White House staffers and Rolling Blunder Boys
came to an agreement that Blunder would meet the president (as in commander in chief) dressed like Hell’s Angels. (Blunder’s site specifically says it is not a motorcycle club. Maybe that’s true. Maybe it is a gang. Possibly a force of chrome and leather fueled by $4-a-gallon gasoline. Don’t know.) Blunder Boys in riding regalia met with a casually attired prez providing the transparent-but-valuable “we get real America” photo op. What it implied was “veterans” are incapable or unwilling to drop the oh-woe-are-we shtick even to meet with The Man. Oh, the irony of it all! Just a sports coat over the riding togs would have gone a long way to mitigate the rebel-without-a-clue image. The Boys did look far better than the rag-tag “veterans” we have seen on the National Mall acting as a color guard with no knowledge on how to properly bear a standard. (Is anyone in charge?)

What highlighted this insanity at the White House (not to be confused with the annual Rolling Blunder insanity. We hear they even have a guy in a cage
. That’ll win converts to the “cause.”) was coverage of Arizona Sen. John McCain speaking at a Memorial Day event. He was wearing a suit. Not jeans and a T-shirt. A suit. (The man can’t be controlled.)

Bad move by the Blunder Boys and bad move by White House honchos who planned this lowly display. It did little to honor veterans, deceased or otherwise.

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