Government not to Prosecute Blackwater, KBR

The current administration has decided it will not prosecute the company formerly known as Prince (well, Blackwater Worldwide), now Xe Services, and Kellogg, Brown and Root, for violations straight out of a New Orleans-Middle Eastern police crime novel.

I don’t think anyone finds this a shock.

The administration probably has what it needs to move forward, but witness’ stories change and allegations can be reasonably refuted. The companies’ legal teams could tie the government up for decades. Though the government’s four-year (yes, four-year) investigation of the companies turned up sanctions violations, illegal exports (a possible overstatement) and bribery, one congressman complained companies like KBR can continue to get government contracts despite “negligence.”

Yes, because KBR, Xe and a handful of others can fill the myriad positions in these rat holes in which they’re hired to work and possess the cash reserves to keep things going. Be it a KBR engineer or Xe gun-toter, consistency and reliability are a must. Who else is going to do this?

Prosecuting them may hurt U.S. rat hole efforts. State wants a private army of 7,000 in Iraq. (Protection for its diplomats.) If I am a diplomat in said rat hole, I want Xe or similar company supporting me. Kickbacks? Does it matter?

The corruption line has to be drawn somewhere, but maybe not here and not now.

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