Kearney in the Crosshairs?

Oh, to be the hunted and no longer the hunter.

It seems it’s open season on Special Operation Command’s deputy commander Lt. Gen. Francis H. Kearney III. Not long ago, Kearney was gunning for Marine Corps Special Operations Marines in Afghanistan and a couple of Army Special Forces soldiers when he was in charge of Special Operations for the U.S. Central Command.

Not only did Kearney successfully toss the entire Marine company out of Afghanistan, in an unrelated case he directed that charges be brought against two Army Special Forces soldiers, a captain and a master sergeant — after one Army Criminal Investigation Command investigation exonerated both men.

Now at least one member of Congress is gunning for him.

In at letter to Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates, North Carolina Congressman Walter B. Jones, a Republican whose district includes Jacksonville’s Camp Lejeune where the Marines were stationed, asked that Kearney’s actions be investigated. Jones, a member of the powerful Armed Service Committee, noted Kearney’s actions “damaged not only the development of Marine Special Operation Command but also the Marines’ personal livelihood.”

Jones demanded “a thorough investigation of Lt. Gen Kearney be initiated immediately by the Inspector General (IG) regarding the command influence to bring charges against [Master Sergeant Patriot] and [Captain America].” He also requested the IG determine whether the expulsion of the Marines was “proper and void of improper motivation.”

Power run amuck? Control issues? Rivalry?

And that IG investigation. Since Kearney is a three-star, the investigation probably will be conducted by a four-star. Lots of them running around with all kinds of time. We think we know how this investigation will turn out.

Thanks anyway, Congressman.

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