Launching the Big Bucks

You know it’s a slow news day when there are multiple stories about the U.S. Navy in the major dailies around the country. Journalists and pundits alike have penned too many column inches, and the papers have expended too much ink. 


The item: U.S. Navy Shoots Down Spy Satellite 


The real story: Gazillion-Dollar Missile Program Proves Gem; Supporters and Contractors Plotting Next Move 


Except for those arbitrary international nuisances like treaties, this Earth-to-Space shoot-out (well, shoot-down) should not have been a big deal outside certain and specialized circles. On the do-gooder front: Was the failed satellite a hazard? Professional opinions vary, though at worst it seemed to pose a minor threat to a very small number of people. No matter how small, the U.S. government deemed it too big and decided to take action. Given the probable fallout if no action were taken and someone did get hurt, especially in a not-so-friendly country with warheads, this was probably a wise move. 


But was this safety-minded posturing the real deal? Or was the U.S. looking for a reason to test its wares? Conspiracy theorists are in their element on this one — and with good reason. With the gazillions spent on missile defense and the like, why the posturing leading to the ultimate decision to launch from a nautical base? What about the Air Force? “Gee, Rocky do you think it could be about showing Natasha and Boris we can shoot from anywhere in the world,” queries Moose. “You know, Bullwinkle, you may be onto something,” responds Squirrel. Regardless, firing from a ship showed in a very pubic way the “need” for this very expensive and now-proven successful technology. (As the world is our witness!) 


Good thing? N’important! Billions more may be headed into these boutique “defense” programs, regardless of reason. “Cha-ching,” says Defense Contractor.

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