Legal Briefs

In our continuing series Post Cards from Guantanamo, “Inside the Headquarters” again checks in on our GITMO friends.

Running a prison is challenging and serious work, and contraband must be dealt with for the safety and welfare of all. With that said, it has come to our attention that Guantanamo Bay officials are concerned about briefs. Legal briefs?

Uh … underwear.

Not just any underwear. It seems two GITMO detainees were found to be wearing — get this — Under Armour briefs, the brand of choice for a number of military personnel. One of the detainees also was sporting a Speedo, though it’s anyone’s guess what he’d do with a bathing suit. These garments were neither issued nor authorized. Bottom line: Contraband! In a “brief” letter dated Aug, 12, one GITMO official confronted the attorney of one of the Under Armour detainees. The lawyer’s response called the accusation “absurd.” (He had not seen the detainee in question in a year, as shown, he maintained, by the prison’s own records.) He surmised the “lingerie” (his word, not ours) came from a more likely military source. …

GITMO interrogators.

According to one detainee defense counsel: “The interrogators have their own rules. In the end, the administration wants progress and really doesn’t care how it is done. Yes, interrogators are not supposed to give out contraband, and yes, they are not supposed to abuse a detainee, but both happen. Always have. Always will.” He stated inspections have been tight for the last year or so. The lawyers are searched making it impossible to smuggle anything into a “client.” Just to be sure, detainees are searched before and after a visit. The defense guys might be feeling a little persecuted themselves. “We get blamed for everything,” sighed our source.
The incident is under investigation.

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