Looking for a few good …

Though one might have more luck speed dating in the chow hall or embracing the singles scene at the O’club bar, it appears online dating has donned a uniform.

While researching another piece (we had to clarify that), we came across MilitaryDatingOnline.com and thought it was one of those sites that is far from what its name leads one to believe. Looking for Mr. or Ms. Guess-I-Could Do-Worse? Well, MilitaryDatingOnline.com and sites like it provide the trawler with an online menu of male and female samplings du jour.

Though people of all (legal) ages have enjoyed success in the online dating world, MilitaryDatingOnline.com left us feeling hollow, though other sites were more promising.

MilitaryLoveLinks.com has tons of photos. Photos are a good thing. The guys appear to be military member — and deployed. The women are not so military, though eager for another type of long-term affiliation with the U.S. armed forces. And the word must be out on the far side of the pond: These girls are Brits! Brits! Brits! How about MilitaryPassions.com? In case you’re not in the market for a military man or woman you can check out the rest of the Passions’ brand that include hook-up sites for Gun Lovers, Scientologists, Pirates, and yes, even Mimes.

But we digress.

We were surprised, but our fave was MarineCorpsSingles.com. Though these guys might never have been in the Marine Corps, the site receives high marks for presentation from the judges. If you can get past the fill-in-the-blank Facebook motif the site seems to win the prize for the most men and women from Lake Wobegon.

Other sites have proved that a fill-in-the-blank or menu-driven format is not so bad. Our friends back at MilitaryDatingOnline.com, well, cannot spell and speak in some parallel language that resembles English (but without punctuation). The postings are desperate, eager, hopeless. Here’s one:

“looking for air force girl to rescue me

32 years old Male from Colorado Springs, United States

Hi my name is Andy, [sic] I am married but looking to seperate [sic] from a [sic] unhappy relationship. I love the military lifestyle and security. …”

So, Andy, let me get this straight. It seems you might be a civilian married to an Air Force person. You want out of the marriage but are using this site to snag another active duty chick for some security. At least you’re honest, or is there a girlfriend, too?

Then there’s:

“35 years [sic] old Female from Great Lakes Navy Base, United States

i’m veteran searching fo [sic] companions to conversate [sic] with. …”

Aren’t we all. 

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