Not Your Usual Suspects

How many Marine Corps officers can you list who have been named an unindicted co-conspirator by the feds?

According to a handful of reports and a source, it seems the controversy surrounding now-defunct FBI/CIA/green-card-sham-marriage Lebanese-born-turned-U.S. citizen Nada Nadim Prouty might not be an isolated incident.

It’s been reported Marine Capt. Samar Khalil Nabbou Spinelli (Did she legally add Spinelli? What was she thinking?) entered into a similar sham marriage in 1990 (same year as Prouty) with the brother of Prouty’s own spouse-of-convenience. Yes, this makes Prouty and Nabbou/Spinelli sisters-in-law. One source reported the women lived together at some point. Also, it seems Prouty listed sis as a reference in 1997 when she was eyeing the FBI. Gal pals? BFFs looking for Mr. Green Card?

It appears Nabbou/Spinelli enlisted in the Marine Corps in the early 1990s and received her commission after becoming a citizen.

Clearly the women have the brains and the boys (grooms-for-hire) might have been hapless, unwitting schmucks. According to his current wife, Prouty’s ex might not have gotten the money he agreed to in this arrangement. He was living in a trailer at the time. Our heart goes out to him and incompetent criminals like him.

This sounds like something from an episode of “24.”

Though such marriages are against the law, does anyone really care until there’s a potential breach in national security as with the Lebanese femmes? And what are the odds that two Lebanese women would marry (sham or not) brothers (hapless schleps or otherwise) and enter fields relating to national security? Coincidence? Maybe. Did Nabbou/Spinelli want to become a Marine that badly? Are the women sleeper-cell types? Deep undercovers? Or immigrants who wanted to become U.S. citizens and serve their new country?

It has been reported that Nabbou/Spinelli is an assistant operations officer in Japan or Okinawa. Though there is nothing definite on her operational specialty, could it be intel? She also has been named an unindicted co-conspirator in the case against Prouty. This new-found status plus her fraudulent enlistment and possible serious — if not criminal — security breaches must just thrill Marine Corps officials, despite a reported two tours in Iraq. Though we have never performed a background investigation, one would think this sort of thing would have been caught. We can’t use the Pentagon library, but Ms. Nabbou/Spinelli (and the countless others like her regardless of gender or country of origin) can cavort on the edges of the law and this nation’s security. Just a guess, but chances are her unindicted co-conspirator status stems from more than just knowing Prouty in 1990.

There’s a bright spot for Nabbou/Spinelli: She might qualify for benefits under the incarcerated veterans program.

Always a silver lining.

We’ll keep you posted on this one.

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