September 11 is September 11

An essay about September 11 just caught my eye. I have not read the piece.  It has taken this long to get the correct way to refer to “September 11” published?

I am not some sentimental sap, and I have little invested in the Pentagon, a legitimate military target in Arlington Va.; New York’s World Trade Center; or Shanksville, Penn. I am fascinated by the process and its aftermath. I am a voyeur.

Regardless of my interest, September 11, 2001, was an important day in U.S. history. Is July 4, 7-4-76? How about 11-10-75? (The Marines would lose it.) And 12-7-41? Is that the day that will live on in infamy?

Shortly after the September 11, I was editing for a Pentagon client. I changed all references to that day to September 11, 2001. It did not fit our chosen style, but we agreed it was more appropriate.

For years I have been frustrated by these references to 9-11. Even supposed esteemed journalists take this sleazy and easy route. Is it laziness or is this a nation of lemmings?

It is simple to say and write “September 11.” Whatever your reason, it seems the appropriate thing to do.

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