Time for a Makeover? Your input

“Is anyone reading?” I ask each time I post … and between posts. Blog Goddess at MOAA assures me you read, but I remain dubious.

What was suggested as a column, became MOAA’s first blog. My friends are kind enough to feign excitement by my body of work. Most others are condescending, “You write a … blog?” Yes, after three years it still bothers me.

But I enjoy “Inside the Headquarters.” I like crafting informative fare upon which readers may feast. (Let me live in my fantasy world!)

I read a few defense blogs, but I read more about blogs. Sort of the science of blogs. Commenting? I’d rather move to a small village on the Tigris than comment on a defense blog. Yet I want commenters. I’ll write, but won’t comment. (How do you get through your day?)

Not all blogs are about defense. Pick a topic: fashion, finance (MOAA has a great financial blog), interior design. Vintage automotive. I enjoy them, and I’ve considered commenting. Maybe I make the connection because I don’t write about these topics. Maybe these blogs tend to be more approachable. Maybe I like them. Maybe I find them comfortable and inclusive.

My point?

It may be time for a makeover. Can defense be charming and engaging? Maybe not, but there could be an elusive balance to capture. “Inside the Headquarters’” content is reflective of current defense-related events. My writing style is reflective of my deep frustration with DoD – present concerns informed by alarmingly negative past experiences. But approachable might be a better avenue even for the controversial topic. (Maybe not.)

Why now? I have started playing with another Web site on non defense topics – like antiques, wondrous water lilies in my pond and walking my dogs at Assateague. The writing is joyous. While some defense entries are penned with ease, they may be difficult to read. This blog is about defense and you, the reader.

Well, realistically “edgy” won’t disappear. I mean, if we are going to contract for budget breaking-weapons systems, support race-based anything and continue to exclude women from combat and patronize their quasi combat-related accomplishments, my “concern” may bleed through. But we can take the occasional academic approach or follow more of a news story or news feature style. I do it in Military Officer magazine, on the rare occasion the Magical One runs my stuff. But we are talking the theater of the absurd in the blog, so we’ll see.

We will continue on the high road. The factual road. The balanced road. The entries will continue to be hard-hitting, and I hope to get a discussion going. (Maybe I won’t close on that place on the Tigris.) Since you probably don’t want to hear about my long walks on the beach at Assateague swimming with my criminal Labradors we will continue to write about the happenings “Inside the Headquarters.”

Everyone’s equal on the slaughterhouse floor.

Your thoughts on style? Content? Please remember I am always looking for tips on happenings inside your headquarters. (WikiLeaks spoken here.)

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