Vets Need Not Apply

The recent crop of veterans might be having a tough time finding a decent-paying job. A VA study shows 18 percent of veterans were outside the workforce in 2005 compared to 10 percent in 2000. (The 2005 figure has been reported as 23 percent, but the VA study seems to say 18 percent.) 

What gives? 

Sources have gone on record saying these guys are just not prepared, and their skills don’t translate. That could be true, but one example was a Marine military policeman. This former MP in the Southern California job market wants to be an animator. Guess his skills would not translate. 

Many in this group studied do not have education past high school, and given the optempo of the past few years, this is no surprise. Some have no resume, indicating they might not be using the services’ transition assistance (TA) resources. Even the worst TA office can get these guys to put together a resume. 

Could this be trend generational? Societal? Few want the dreariness they perceive their parents enduring on the traditional job front. They don’t seem to be clamoring for the defense contractor schemes that bankroll the mother ship, while offering little in the way of job satisfaction. These often high-paying positions are less prevalent outside Washington, D.C., and target a different market — those enduring emasculation in exchange for the mighty dollar. Younger vets might want more from their work experience than bilking the client for the big bucks. (Yeah, as crazy as that sounds.)

Networking? Some probably have no network; others might shun the convention. The oft misunderstood networking scene is a “skill” of finesse that is difficult to impart. 

Are we looking at a square-peg/round-hole scenario? We wonder if many leaving the service — especially those not retiring — are just not suited to traditional employment. It’s tough to feed a family of one let alone four-plus and a few rescued animals holding out for the perfect position. Our guess is these guys have been in more challenging positions.

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